Restaurant Village At Long Valley

Fairmount Rd, Long Valley, NJ

Pandan Fusion Lounge
Indonesian Thai Fusion Cuisine
Fine Dining wiith a small Cocktail area

History of the Barn

German farmers were known for their fine, sturdy, stone barns. Today there are only a few left. The Brew Pub and Fusion Lounge are good examples of the barns. Years ago the early German settlers put up their stone barns before they replaced their log cabins with their stone homes.

Pandan Fusion Lounge has slits in the stone walls. These are used to ventilate the barn. One of these barns was used in the 1700's as slave quarters.

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The Pandan Fusion Lounge at Restaurant Village is housed in yet another old stone structure from the 1800's. The mixture of old architecture with a modern interior provides the perfect environment for our Asian Fusion Cuisine.Our creative menu bridges the gap between the exotic East and West. It's Asia without the map. Indonesian and Thai ingredients and culinary traditions blending with contemporary presentations to create dishes that are bright and bold. Our cozy dining room and bar will envelop you.