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Andrea's Dining Room Reviews on Yelp

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Cocktails never go out of style

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“Valentine’s Day is that one day a year you want to go all out for the other person,” said April Avello, restaurant manager for Red Lantern Chinese at Restaurant Village in Long Valley.


Yelp's Top 10 Restaurants in Long Valley

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Looking for a place to eat this weekend? Here's how Long Valley's restaurants were ranked on Yelp.

Long Valley Pub & Brewery serves up a beer float for summer

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Looking to beat the heat? Julie Caruso, head bartender at Long Valley Pub and Brewery, has created a new frozen drink menu for the summer.

Long Valley Pub and Brewery creates 1738 beer for Washington Township anniversary:

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"Long Valley Pub and Brewery at Restaurant Village hosted an all-day buffet and launched a new beer in honor of Washington Township’s 275th anniversary Sunday."

Washington Township Celebrates its 275 Birthday

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Long Valley Pub and Brewery:

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"On my recent travels I was lucky enough to attend a beer pairing dinner at Long Valley Brewing in Long Valley, New Jersey..."

Long Valley Pub and Brewery: Daily Record Review

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"...For Executive Chef Juan Mujica, inspiration was simply a matter of celebrating the season. As pumpkins are used to brew the Pub’s seasonal ale, he used a seasonal ale to concoct pumpkin pie."

Pandan Fusion Lounge: Daily Record Review

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"...Nowhere is this more evident — or fitting — than at Pandan Fusion Lounge, part of Restaurant Village in Long Valley."

Andrea's Dining Room Review in New Jersey Countryside Magazine

"Andrea's Dining Room offers fresh seafood and a raw bar as well as Italian classics, including pizza from a brick oven. Portions are generous and the dishes are fresh."

Beer Is My Church, April 5, 2012

Long Valley Pub's @BrewPubNJ Inaugural Beer Dinner-Redux

"They've certainly put local restaurants on notice that they've got something extra to offer...a talented culinary team and a stable of great craft beers that are unique to them."

The Beer Whisperers, February 12, 2012

Long Valley Pub and Brewery

"Let me tell you, the beer flights were in high demand."

BeerAdvocate, August, 2011

Long Valley Pub and Brewery Reviews

"BA SCORE B+ very good, 38 Reviews"

The Independent Restaurateur, July-August, 2011

Outdoors is Now In

"... while the fireplace inside my be a big draw in cold weather, mild temperatures and sunny days call for outdoor seating."

The Star Ledger, June, 2011

The Jersey Bucket List

"Places you must visit or experiences you must have before going to that great Parkway exit in the sky. "

The Aquarian Weekly, June 29, 2011

New Jersey Brewpubs – Beer Styles

"... Listed below are tautly defined beer styles matched to recommended New Jersey microbrewery and brewpub offerings ..."

The PubScout, May 26, 2011

Long Valley Brewpub a welcome oasis

"After more than two hours in the saddle of a V-Twin, and on a day that saw the temps hit 90, I found myself in the vicinity of one of my favorite brewpubs ...", May 15, 2011

Smiles Brewing As Music's Made At the Pub

"Lunch Hour Six Pack performs for Long Valley", May 4, 2011

Community Gathers at 'Celebration for Jack' Fundraiser

"Andrea's Dining Room Seafood and Pasta at Restaurant Village sponsors buffet for Gumersell family. ", Apr. 27, 2011

Restaurant Village is the perfect place to satisfy cravings

"Restaurant Village at the foot of Schooley's Mountain in Long Valley consists of five separate structures that, in Revolutionary times, included one that was known as Neitzer's Tavern.", February 3, 2011

Long Valley Pub and Brewery: A Local Landmark for a Reason
"It's a taste of Europe in the heart of Washington Township with wide variety of food and drink.", Jan, 2011

Eating out in Long Valley: Andrea's Dining Room Seafood and Pasta
"It's a restaurant that not only serves some of the best seafood around, but also some of the best pizza.", October 11, 2010

Video: Masses Descend on Long Valley for Octoberfest
"On what was a perfect autumn day crowned by a brilliant blue sky, the Long Valley Pub and Brewery drew close to 1,000 people from the area and beyond to celebrate its 15th Annual Octoberfest Celebration offering sumptuous food, custom-brewed beer, and music by the band Mama's Stew."

Star Ledger Munchmobile Blog, November 27, 2009

Pizza Patrol explores mall pizza for the holidays
"No bar pies here. The plain pizza is "loaded with flavor ...’’

Forbes Magazine, October 2, 2009

Beer's Level Playing Field
Unlike wine, a world-class brew can be made anywhere in the world, in any style.

New York Magazine, September 25, 2008

The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan, 2. Where to Eat
The Long Valley Pub & Brewery and Andrea's Dining Room Seafood and Pasta were highlighted as destination points
in the western Morris County area. Touting the NJ Skylands area (which generally covers much of
Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties) as a great weekend destination area, the article highlights
notable and out-of-the-ordinary places to eat, stay, and play.

Star Ledger, February 02, 2008

Andrea's Dining Room Seafood on way to becoming an area favorite
Two and a half stars


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